cherrypy._cpnative_server module

Native adapter for serving CherryPy via its builtin server.

class cherrypy._cpnative_server.CPHTTPServer(server_adapter=<cherrypy._cpserver.Server object>)[source]

Bases: HTTPServer

Wrapper for cheroot.server.HTTPServer.

cheroot has been designed to not reference CherryPy in any way, so that it can be used in other frameworks and applications. Therefore, we wrap it here, so we can apply some attributes from config -> cherrypy.server -> HTTPServer.

class cherrypy._cpnative_server.NativeGateway(req)[source]

Bases: Gateway

Native gateway implementation allowing to bypass WSGI.

recursive = False

Obtain response from CherryPy machinery and then send it.

send_response(status, headers, body)[source]

Send response to HTTP request.