You’ve read the documentation and you’ve brushed up on the basics of Python and web development, but you still could use some help. Users have several options.

I have a question

If you have a question and cannot find an answer for it in issues or the the documentation, please create an issue.

Questions and their answers have great value for the community, and a tip is to really put the effort in and write a good explanation, you will get better and quicker answers. Examples are strongly encouraged.

I have found a bug

If no one have already, create an issue. Be sure to provide ample information, remember that any help won’t be better than your explanation.

Unless something is very obviously wrong, you are likely to be asked to provide a working example, displaying the erroneous behaviour.

Note: While this might feel troublesome, a tip is to always make a separate example that have the same dependencies as your project. It is great for troubleshooting those annoying problems where you don’t know if the problem is at your end or the components. Also, you can then easily fork and provide as an example. You will get answers and resolutions way quicker. Also, many other open source projects require it.

I have a feature request

Good stuff! Please create an issue! Note: Features are more likely to be added the more users they seem to benefit.

I want to converse

The gitter page is good for when you want to discuss in real time or get pointed in the right direction.